Microwave Radio Link Software

Microwave Radio Link Software

  • (PDF) Semi-automated microwave radio link planning tool
  • Pathloss - Microwave Radio Link Design and Planning Software
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  • Microwave Link Networks - Engineering and Technology.
  • (PDF) Semi-automated microwave radio link planning tool

    Link Budget is a main estimate in telecommunication microwave link planning for accurate and reliable link. This software program is a comprehensive path design tool and it can be used for radio... A microwave link is a communications system that uses a beam of radio waves in the microwave frequency range to transmit video, audio, or data between two locations, which can be from just a few feet or meters to several miles or kilometers apart. Examples of Commercial Microwave links from CableFree may be see here. Microwave Training Course, Microwave Radio link planning and frequency management. Microwave Training Course presents the state-of-the-art in microwave radio communications. The course presents the basic theory, procedures, and techniques for microwave communication systems an Microwave Radio link planning and frequency management.

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    RadioMobile: Popular software for Microwave Link planning RadioMobile is a widely-available software package which can be used for Microwave Link planning, including path profiling and clearance criteria, power budgets, choosing antenna sizes and tower heights. CableFree RadioMobile Microwave Link Planning example What is Microwave Internet? Microwave Internet is an internet connection delivered over the ‘last mile’ by a high capacity microwave radio link, it is also known as radio shot, wimax , wifi link, wireless internet or our very own product IVM (internet via microwave). It has the advantage of not requiring any infrastructure (other than power) at the client end, no cables, ducts or phone lines.

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    Atoll Microwave Link Planning Software | Forsk

    Atoll Microwave is a state-of-the-art point-to-point and point-to-multipoint backhaul planning and optimisation software. It allows designing large microwave link networks, according to ITU recommendations, industry standards, and operator guidelines. Microwave radio link design 1. International Islamic University Malaysia KULLIYAH OF ENGINEERING Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Microwave Communication Systems (ECE 6234) MICROWAVE LINK DESIGN OF TRESSTRIAL NETWORK Site A Khayaban e Iqbal Rawalpind Pakistan Site B Thanda Pani Islambad PAkistan Semester project Student Name:-Syed Absar Kazmi Matric No: G1220119 Phone number.

    Pathloss - Microwave Radio Link Design and Planning Software

    Questions or problems regarding this web site should be directed to [email protected]ss.com. Copyright © 2021 Contract Telecommunication Engineering Ltd. All rights reserved. RAy is a high-speed point-to-point microwave link, suitable for links in the most challenging conditions. This Full Outdoor Software Defined Radio with Linux OS, is designed for high performance links with maximum reliability, exceptional system gain and resistance to disturbances. Microwave Radio Antenna Link Fundamentals. SP6105. Online course. This course covers the fundamentals of microwave transmission, microwave theory, microwave antenna selection and systems installation. This course replaces the classroom course previously held by the Andrew Institute.

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    iQ·link® Solo | Get it for FREE! | Comsearch

    – Access to Radio Manufacturers Equipment files. The Oracle XE database is provided for FREE. A Note for Users in the United States: iQ·link can be used to design microwave links globally. In addition to the design features, iQ·link offers a powerful intra-system interference calculation (analysis between your own links). Microwave Link Budget Analysis – Parameters Overview The calculator tool assumes a generic RF link between two sites. Site 1 is viewed as the transmitter and site 2 as the receiver. At each site you have a radio connected to an antenna through an RF cable. The calculator assumes you have “line of sight” between the two antennas.

    iQ·link® Microwave Design Software | Comsearch

    iQ·link® Microwave Design Software Microwave backhaul/fixed wireless network design made easy with our software! iQ·link offers all the right tools to design and manage your microwave backhaul network, now and in the future. Demo Brochure White Paper Request a Quote Forum MINI-LINK is the market-leading microwave family for cost-efficient mobile transport networks. With unmatched flexibility, MINI-LINK 6000 provides the right solution for each part of the network, all deployment scenarios and site types, enabling sound investments in line with the service providers’ needs. The portfolio offers both split mount and all outdoor shorthaul as well as long haul solutions covering the complete microwave spectrum from 4 up to 80 GHz. STL LINK – RADIO LINK Eletec Broadcast includes a selection of STL Radio Link products analog and digital for the stereo transmission of the signal from Studio to the site. STL Studio Transmitter Links FM Radio Equipment, Studio To Transmitter link for FM applications, stl radio links, STL Transmitters, FM Radio Links STL – Aural Links (Studio Transmitter Links FM radio Equipment) RADIO STLs.

    Semi-automated microwave radio link planning tool - IEEE.

    Link Budget is a main estimate in telecommunication microwave link planning for accurate and reliable link. This software program is a comprehensive path design tool and it can be used for radio links operating in the microwave frequency range. When a link budget is prepared, many parameters are considered for calculations. Therefore this software program is very essential tool in the. Radio Link - Profile The Profile displays the radio link in 2 D. This includes the earth curvature, round height and Land Cover when enabled. The link displays the antenna height of both stations. The link from the transmitter unit to the receiver unit is displayed in a direct line from antenna to antenna and the obstructed line.

    Alphabetical List of Microwave Radio Vendors

    Eclipse-series microwave radios; E-Link 1000 70/80 GHz (E band) radio for point-to-point Ethernet transport; WTM 3200 all-outdoor packet radio with Ethernet switch, QPSK to 1024 QAM modulation in frequency bands from 6 to 42 GHz, throughput rates up 1 Gbit/s. WTM 6000 and TRuepoint 6500 trunking microwave radios Like on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Microwave-Radio-Link-Planing-Tool/431395660281034Microwave Link design is a methodological, systematical and l...

    Microwave transmission - Wikipedia

    Microwave transmission is the transmission of information by microwave radio waves. Although an experimental 40-mile (64 km) microwave telecommunication link across the English Channel was demonstrated in 1931, the development of radar in World War II provided the technology for practical exploitation of microwave communication. In the 1950s, large transcontinental microwave relay networks. Same as above, but generates a PDF file containing Fresnel zone and radio path graphs. Microwave Radio Path Analysis ; Generates a terrain profile graph and obstruction reports for a microwave radio link between two points. Line-of-Sight Path Analysis

    Radio Link Path and Network Planning - 4RF

    Pathloss uses terrain, antenna and microwave radio data to calculate suitable scenarios for microwave linking. 4RF offers Pathloss data files (Pathloss 4.0 mrs) for the Aprisa XE radio. Information on importing these files is in a PDF file contained in the download. Link Design and Verification Services Operating distances vary depending on local weather conditions, specifically link frequency and rain intensity. Planning for microwave wave spectrum use must take into account the propagation characteristics of radio signals at this frequency range. There are a complete range of

    Introducing Aviat Design 2.0 - Aviat's FREE Link Planning.

    Aviat Design 2.0 is the next generation microwave planning tool. It uses the latest SaaS web technology to allow users to design microwave links anytime and anywhere. Aviat Design 2.0 supports the full portfolio of Aviat Networks equipment and protection configurations. Special features allow users to design microwave links accurately and quickly. Make project for point-to-point link with Pathloss program. All files (*.mrs and *.mas) of the equipment you can get from Pathloss wiki pages. Introducing TerraBridge wireless inter-carriage link & data offload solutions RADWIN TerraBridge provides continuous high-speed connectivity between train carriages to warrant end-to-end gigabit networks across any train and efficiently offload onboard recorded information when they arrive to the station or depot

    Microwave Planning for Radio Links - CableFree

    Microwave Planning software for Link Design RadioMobile is a widely-available software package which can be used for Microwave Link design, including path profiling and clearance criteria, power budgets, choosing antenna sizes and tower heights. Radio Link Planning functions In the world of wireless backhaul, software licensing on microwave radio remains the same as always. Fundamentally, little has changed over the years. You need a separate license for almost every software component—capacity, feature and, in some cases, port licenses. Too many and more coming! DESIGNING MICROWAVE RADIO LINKS The starting point in a radio communications link 'is to identify it as an economic and practical means of bridging awkward terrain and flexible expansion of capacity in the future. The pLanning of a link must take into account, cost, equipment availability and propagation availability.

    MLinkPlanner Microwave Communications Link Planning Software

    Mr. Oleg Sakharov, Director of the Center of Telecommunication Technologies, LLC, recently sent me information on the MLinkPlanner software for performing microwave communications link design. Judging only from the provided screenshots and the online documentation, MLinkPlanner looks to be very user friendly and loaded with features. Microwave Radio Link Planing Tool. 1,082 likes. Microwave Link design is a methodological, systematical and lengthy process in Telecommunication industry. This software can be used for that.

    Microwave Link Networks - Engineering and Technology.

    A microwave link is a communications system that uses a beam of radio waves in the microwave frequency range to transmit information between two fixed locations on the earth. They are crucial to many forms of communication and impact a broad range of industries. A simple computer program is developed for system power budget analysis of microwave radio links. As known, such an analysis is very important in radio link network planning and optimization of the existing transmission networks. The performance of the program developed in this study is tested by applying it to Adana region and by comparing with measurement results.

    Wireless Planning Software | MLinkPlanner | RadioPlanner.

    MLinkPlanner 2.0. Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Microwave Planning. Radio planning tool for microwave point-to-point (PtP) and point-to-multipoint (PtMP) links. More. HERALD (HE lp for RA dio L ink D esign) is a powerful single user PC program for Windows that assists the radio engineer in the rapid design of point-to-point (multi-hop) microwave links and networks, in the frequency range from 0.4 to 90 GHz. Software Design Tools Blend Shipboard Radar and Video Feb 05, 2021 The software supports bearing lines, range markers, trails, closest point of approach, and camera video for security against piracy and smugglers.

    Microwave Link Installation, Alignment and Testing.

    Link Alignment and Testing. After microwave link installation, DragonWave-X certified resources perform microwave link alignment and testing. The link alignment and testing service includes: Precise alignment of antennae at both ends of the link. Any final radio configurations as required. Next generation 5G microwave networks require cost-effective and reliable solutions that maximize radio link performance, support advanced packet networking and simplify operations. The Wavence portfolio provides a complete microwave solution for all uses cases covering short-haul, long-haul, E-Band and SDN based management both for Service.

    LINKPlanner - Quickly Design Networks | Cambium Networks

    LINKPlanner leads the industry as the most trusted and intuitive RF link planning tool, with tens of thousands of links deployed successfully worldwide. Download Now Download Data Sheet LINKPlanner - RF Link Planning Tool to Design Networks with Path Profile Web Service that is a Microsoft compatible wireless manager, Windows and Mac compatible. Andrew system planning software Very good (and free) microwave link planning software. RFS tools Free RF design tools from RFS Inc. Decibel Products online RF calculators; AVX interactive component engineering tools; Java Smith chart dead link? Cubical quad antenna calculator; Times Microwave attenuation calculator

    Microwave link design - SlideShare

    Microwave link design 1. A communication system that utilizes the radio frequency band spanning 2 to 60 GHz. As per IEEE, electromagnetic waves between 30 and 300 GHz are called millimeter waves (MMW) instead of microwaves as their wavelengths are about 1 to 10mm. Small capacity systems generally employ the frequencies less than 3 GHz while medium and large capacity systems utilize frequencies. Radio frequency and bandwidth verification from ground level has been a frequent wish among microwave engineers. But the market didn’t really offer an affordable solution… until now! With SAF Spectrum Compact it takes only a few minutes to make sure your microwave link perfectly matches your licence.

    MLinkPlanner 2.0 - PtP and PtMP Microwave Planning

    MLinkPlanner is a powerful and user-friendly tool for designing microwave point-to-point (PtP) and point-to-multipoint (PtMP) links. MLinkPlanner was created by engineers with many years of experience in designing microwave links, from single-hop access links to high-power long-haul trunk lines. Planning a Microwave Link: It's Not Just Line of Sight! Example A digital QAM modulated radio link is to be built with a path distance of 25.5 km. Frequency is 11.0 GHz. Transmitter power is 23.0 dBm. Gain of both transmitting and receiving antennas is 37.6 dBi. The receiver threshold level is -75 dBm. Assume no combiner or transmission line. A voice communication link between the personnel inside the radio room of each site and the tower technicians located at each antenna is required using two-way radios or cellular phones. Some radio systems contain an order wire link for these communications; however, communications to each of the tower technicians still must be established.

    Microwave Link - Gigabit Microwave Connectivity

    RadioMobile is a widely-available software package which can be used for Microwave Link planning, including path profiling and clearance criteria, power budgets, choosing antenna sizes and tower heights. CableFree RadioMobile Microwave Link Planning example For website for RadioMobile, please see this the relevant website. Microwave link design. 27 Full PDFs related to this paper. READ PAPER Microwave Radio Antenna Link Fundamentals [SP6105] Starting with microwave basics of transmission, the course steps through the installation of a microwave antenna. All the typical issues that arise in an installation are covered, from the selection of one type of antenna over another, the actual routine of installation, hoisting and aligning.

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